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Benefits of Anti-Skid / Nonslip / Grip Socks and why you need one

by Citrusox Shop 03 Jul 2023 0 Comments


Benefits of Anti-Skid / Nonslip / Grip Socks and why you need one

Socks are essential to keep away smelly feet and provide protection against blisters formed by friction between our skin and shoes, especially so when doing sports activities. Socks also help to keep us warm at home, especially during the night when you sleep. However, socks tend to be slippery when worn without shoes. Therefore, it is important to get socks with anti-skid soles to protect your loved ones and yourself, especially the children and elderly in your family. Anti-Skid soles provide enhanced grip and fall protection.  

Types of Anti-Skid Socks

Other than helping your body stay warm, wearing socks at night also has extra benefits such as preventing hot flushes, helps you fall asleep faster and also decreases the chances of Reynaud’s attack, which is losing circulation, throbbing or swelling of the skin. Wearing socks after you have moisturised your feet also helps to improve cracked heels and prevent your feet from drying out. Citrusox offers bedroom socks with anti-skid soles that prevents you from falling, especially waking up in the middle of the night.


No-Show stockings are great for wearing heels or flats to avoid ruining your classy and stylish outfit by having socks peep out from the side of your shoes. With anti-skid soles, it prevents your socks from slipping inside your heels or flats. This type of socks is also especially great for moccasins or any types of shoes that you do not want the socks to show.


Sports socks with anti-skid soles are great as it provides a grip when doing high intensity sports activities such as basketball, rugby, football, etc. Citrusox offers  . The socks are designed to help users to be safe when doing activities that they enjoy. Moreover, the socks have cushioned soles to provide additional comfort to users.


No-Show shows are great especially for low-cut sneakers. It provides protection and comfort without having to ruin your outfit. Citrusox offers Yoga Anti-Skid No-Show Socks, which has a criss-cross band to help socks stay snug during movements. Along with the anti-skid soles, the socks are there to help you stay safe and prevent any injuries that might happen.


Citrusox offers plus-sizes to cater to everyone’s needs. We aim to be able to provide comfort to everyone and be able to solve their problems. The anti-skid soles also act as a grip for the users to provide fall protection and prevent slipping.


These cute little socks that come with anti-skid soles are great for kids who have an immense amount of energy and loves to run and jump around. These socks provide not only comfort but safety for your high energy kids as it provides grip and fall protection, making it safe for them to wear it even for outdoor activities. These Kids’ Cotton Socks comes in both Ankle and Crew length.


  • 360° Full Non-Slip Socks

This full non-slip socks features a full silicon on the inner part of the rim of the socks to ensure the stocks does not slide down. It also has an anti-skid sole at the ball-of-foot to provide a grip from slipping and fall prevention. This is great to pair with flats or heels.


  • Toe Toppers Mules Socks

This Toe Toppers Mules Socks features a toe separator design to allow wriggling of toes. Wearing toe socks also helps boosts blood circulation in your foot. It also has an Anti-Skid sole to prevent feet from slipping when worn with heels. The cushioned ball-of-feet also provides additional comfort to the user as it absorbs sole pressure. These Mules socks are great to wear with heels, flats, or open back sneakers. Mules socks are also a great alternative for people who struggles with their socks slipping down even with the Full Non-Slip Socks.



About Citrusox - Shop Here

Citrusox is a reputable brand in Singapore that offers a wide selection of socks for any occasions, suitable for all ages. They are in Shopping malls, shopping platforms and on their website. Other than socks, Citrusox also offers a huge range of leggings, bedroom slippers, shoelaces, and arm sleeves. Citrusox aims to cater to everyone’s needs and provide comfort while doing so. Our goal is to be your one-stop store for socks, where you will find the best pair to suit your needs.

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