Custom Socks

Get custom-made socks for your company event, employees, merch line, sports club, charity fundraiser, or even for your buddies.

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Fabrication Type

Fabrication determines how your design will be created on your custom socks. Based on your design, we can help you choose the right fabrication type.


Forget dull and boring packaging! Make your custom socks stand out with vibrant packaging that resonates with your brand. Use your brand logo, colors and designs to customize socks packaging.

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Customers have used socks for brand promotions, employee engagement, fundraising, weddings and more. Check out few pics of our past work here.

FAQs - Custom Socks

General Questions

1. What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 200 pairs for an identical sock design.

2. Can I split my order of 200 pairs into 2 designs?

We cannot split the 2 designs to produce 50 pairs of each design. We will manufacture 100 pairs of each design.

3. Do you offer a physical sample of the socks?

Presently, we don’t offer physical samples for socks.

Shipping and Orders

1. What is your production time?

After you confirm your design proofs, we will send you an image and video of the pre-production sample. Pre-production sampling takes 6-7 days. After you approve the pre-production sample mass production will take 15-17 days. From start till end it will take 3-3.5 weeks for the socks production.

2. What is your payment method?

We accept payment via direct bank transfer from any local bank in Singapore. After you confirm the order, let us know your favoured method of payment, and we will send you the transfer details.

3. Are you a registered vendor in GeBIZ and Sesami?

Yes, we are registered in GeBIZ and can issue an e-invoice from the GeBIZ portal and Sesami.


1. What are the accepted file formats?

We accept the following file formats .AI, .PSD, .TIF, .JPG, .EPS (with a minimum of 300 dpi)

2. I need help with my design. Can you help?

Our in-house designers can help you design your custom patches. Please write to us at to get started with great eye-catching designs. Do note that production time would be extended for customised artwork.

3. I am not sure what fabrication type (Knitted/Jacquard or Digital Printing) - to order? Can you help?

Is your design clean and simple or has a repeating pattern? Pick Knitted/Jacquard fabrication. For complex, colorful designs, go for Digital Printing. If you need additional info to choose sock fabrication, write to us. Our specialist socks team will help you out. Do note that only for embroidery socks, the minimum order quantity is 10 pairs.

4. How many colors can my custom socks have? Can my socks have a gradient effect?

Knitted socks can have a maximum of 6 colors. If there are more than 6 colors, we recommend reducing the number of colors or opting for digital printed socks instead of knitted socks. The gradient effect doesn’t look good on knitted socks. We recommend either removing that effect or converting to digital printed socks. 

About Custom Socks

1. What is the difference between custom dress socks and custom sports socks? Which ones should I order?

Dress Socks

Dress socks are traditional socks meant for formal wear, often worn with dress shoes. These are usually crew length or longer.

Our Dress Socks are made with approximately 75% cotton, 20% polyester, and 5% spandex. Our knitted dress socks have a tighter knit and can incorporate complex logos. These make great swags for employees and corporate giveaways.

Sports socks

Sports socks or athletic socks are worn with sneakers/sport shoes and are made to absorb and/or wick away moisture from the feet. For greater comfort, we offer full/half terry cushioning for sports socks. It is a technique in which the sock area is knitted with a secondary loop to create extra cushioning.

Our sports socks are made with a blend of acrylic, nylon, and elastic, depending on the length of the socks.

Our standard custom promotional socks are made using the same material as sports socks, but they are thinner and do not have terry cushioning. These can be knitted/printed depending on the design and work well for giveaways at events, school/university clubs, casual wear, and budget swags.

2. What is the difference between 180-degree and 360-degree dye sublimated socks?

The dye sublimation process involves creating a deep print of your design onto the sock’s fabric with heat transfer. Using this process, you can get socks with rich details of your design and long-lasting images with vibrant colors. 

Dye-sublimation works best on synthetic sock fabric such as polyester.

In 180-degree dye sublimation, the design can be printed onto the front of the socks or back or both. If you want the design on the side of the socks, it will stagger and you will be able to see the side seams. 180 sublimation socks are normally made with polyester/spandex. If you have a design that can’t be knitted directly onto the sock fabric, or have complex, colorful designs-pick this sock. They have a sleeker feel, due to less fuzz and yarn. 

360-degree printing is an upgrade to the dye-sublimation process. It allows you to design a sock that has the graphics covered almost seamlessly. It enables greater color permeability, and even when the socks are stretched, the image looks great. There are no ‘white gaps in the socks when you use this method. 360 sublimation socks can be made with different materials such as polyester, cotton, etc. With their vibrant images and unlimited design flexibility, these socks make great gifts for festivals and holidays and corporate swag. 

Pricing: 360-degree sublimated socks have a higher price than 180-degree sublimated socks.

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