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The Best No-Show Socks for Different Shoe Styles in 2020

The Best No-Show Socks for Different Shoe Styles in 2020

Socks are important. Other than helping to keep away smelly feet, socks provide protection for our feet by preventing friction between our skin and shoes, which could cause blisters. However, not all socks are created equal. We definitely don’t want to ruin our #OOTD or end up a walking fashion disaster by having socks peeping out of those classy heels. The solution would be to find the most suitable no-show socks or invisible socks for the right type of shoes. Look no further, we’re here to help!

Here’s a list of the top four factors to consider when buying no-show socks, depending on what you need and the style of shoes that you’ll be wearing. These are probably things that you never knew would make a great difference for your feet’s comfort! Other than that, we have also included shopping links to the different types of no-show socks as described.

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  1. Cut

The cut of no-show socks is the most important factor when it comes to how “invisible” the socks look with our shoes on.  Below are the various types of no-show socks out there in the market.

The most common cut for no-show socks, the ultra shallow cut ensures that when you’re wearing heels or ballet flats, the hem of the socks will not be seen from any edges. These socks for heels or flats also have non-slip patches at the back of the heel to prevent slipping off your feet.

Suitable shoe types: Flats, heels

Peep toe socks

Specially made for peep toe shoes where your toes will be exposed in the front, the peep toe cut is almost the same as the ultra shallow cut, but is exposed at the toes. The rest of your feet is still protected.

Suitable shoe types: Peep toe flats, Peep toe heels

As the name suggests, peep toe mule socks are basically a combination of mule socks that has a peep toe cut at the front. These mule socks cover only the front half of the feet, as it’s meant to be worn for mules or sliders. It comes in the form of toe slots for better grip and would be less likely to fall off the feet even though it only covers half the foot.

Suitable shoe types: Mules, sliders

Loafer socks end slightly lower than the ankles to give sufficient protection for your feet while being invisible when you wear loafers. They usually have a lower cut than sneaker socks.

Suitable shoe types: Loafers, sneakers

The most classic sneaker cut needs no further explanation. Sometimes also known as ankle socks, they are comfy and invisible when wearing sneakers.

Suitable shoe types: Sneakers

Covered toe no-show socks are almost the same as your typical no-show socks, but there are individual toe slots to fit each of your toes in, just like a glove. This gives greater grip on your feet, but some people may find this less breathable or comfortable compared to typical no-show socks.

Suitable shoe types: Flats, heels

These strapped no-show socks are probably new to you. They cover only the toes and are worn with the strap over your heels, which can help to provide better grip than traditional no-show socks.

Suitable shoe types: Flats, heels, loafers, sneakers

Looking almost avant garde, these insole pads are not your typical insole pads. Designed for women who only want a bare, minimalist insole pad, these insole pads come with loops. The loops at the heel and toes help to provide a better grip and prevent the pads from moving around when you put your shoes on.

Suitable shoe types: Flats, heels, loafers, sneakers

  1. Non-slip patches/strips

Non-slip silicone rubber patches are another important feature of no-show socks, especially when your socks are of a shallow cut. They can come in the form of a non-slip patch at the back of the heel of the sock. The decrease in cloth coverage due to an ultra shallow cut could compromise on it being fitted securely on your feet, but non-slip heel patches help in maintaining that support by giving an extra grip.

Other than the typical non-slip heel patch, another type of non-slip grip comes in the form of a “all-around non-slip strip”, which features a long silicone rubber strip that spans the entire inner hem of the sock, providing more grip and makes the sock much more secure on your feet. You won’t have to worry about frustrating slipping socks anymore!

See our full collection with non-slip features here.

  1. Material

Next, it’s about the material. The fabric has to be thin enough to slide shoes on easily, yet still remain breathable to prevent your feet from sweating too much. Here are some of the common fabrics which no-show socks are made up of, and some facts about their advantages and disadvantages.

Probably the most common material for socks, cotton is lightweight, breathable and comfortable, but it may not be as smooth or soft as some of the other materials in this list. Cotton is also durable, which means it can typically last through many washing cycles. However, beware that cotton socks might shrink after washing them in hot water or putting them in a hot dryer cycle. To avoid shrinkage, wash them in cold water and drip dry.

Bamboo cotton is made from fibre that comes from the fast-growing bamboo plant, thus making it a very durable and eco-friendly fibre. Bamboo cotton is super soft and more breathable than cotton. It also has a natural sheen on its surface, making it feel like silk or cashmere. Due to its luxurious feel, bamboo cotton can be considered as a luxury choice material for socks. It also has natural microbial and hypoallergenic qualities.

Microfibre is a mixed blend of synthetic fibres, mainly made up of nylon and a small percentage of spandex. Nylon is a strong and hard-wearing fibre made from plastic. It is typically used with other fibres such as spandex to increase its stretchability or to improve durability. Spandex is a lightweight synthetic fibre that is highly stretchable. No-show socks made of microfibre are usually very thin and have a silky touch to it.

Polyester is another common synthetic fibre used for no-show socks. It is very resilient and durable, and usually lasts longer than cotton. It has hydrophobic (water-repelling) properties, making it water resistant so that it dries faster when wet. It is also extremely colorfast, which means it holds dyes very well for vivid colouration, so your bright coloured socks made of polyester could still retain their bright colours even through multiple washes. However, polyester is actually made from plastic, so it is not that eco-friendly and breathable as compared to cotton or bamboo cotton. For making socks, a polyester is usually blended with spandex or cotton, either to increase stretchability or to combine with the benefits of cotton.

As its name suggests, woollen socks contain a blend of wool and other fibres such as acrylic or polyester. It provides the function of keeping feet warm, so woollen socks could be best worn not only during winter season but also for people who constantly work in freezing air-conditioned environments and require thicker no-show socks to keep their feet warm.

  1. Enhanced Add-ons

Some types of no-show socks come with a cushion padding at the sole for extra comfort and support. The cushion padding can make the soles of the shoes feel softer. However, it might take up slightly more room inside the shoe, so make sure there is some allowance before considering this sock option.

Anti-skid socks are socks with grips – many tiny rubber dots on the bottom of the soles for better grip on the ground to prevent sliding. These are best for exercising in the gym when you’re doing your HIIT on the mat, or while doing yoga or pilates. They come in a normal socks cut or yoga socks cut. The yoga socks design comes with two criss cross bands on the bridge of the feet to make it stay more securely on your feet. It also has a toed yoga socks design option.

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